Simon Fox is an Australian guitarist, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. His steel-string fingerpicking creates a uniquely melodic and free-flowing sound bringing together elements of Celtic, classical and bluegrass. Simon has recorded 4 studio albums, the most recent "Shallow Sea" released in 2015. The long wait for this album was spent refining and developing his technical and songwriting skills, producing an album going against recent trends of flashy tricks.

Recently Simon has been a regular performer at the ADGPA guitar festival in Italy, Vancouver's West Coast Guitar Night. In Australia he took part in 3 tours with the Guitar Heaven quartet and has performed at Australian National Folk Festival, Fairbridge Folk Festival and the Melbourne Guitar Makers Festival. In Canada, Simon has performed at folk festivals on Vancouver Island, the Yukon territory and many folk clubs.

Simon teamed up with New Zealand's luthier Laurie Williams, and plays the beautiful Tui guitar made from native New Zealand Kauri woods. The new album showcases the rich, unique tones of this guitar and brings another unique element to Simon's sound. 

The next projects for Simon include expansion of the online course material with the Udemy platform, and development of a new album focused on Celtic music. On the quiet, he has been working hard on the technical skills of Celtic guitar and we'll be seeing this in action soon!