Selected videos from Simon's YouTube channel.

A random medley of Celtic themes. They have coalesced into actual tunes now, but will wait for the next album.
My very favorite tune in the world. I tried for years to arrange this for solo guitar, but never got anywhere. By chance I found it works in CGCGCD tuning. Still working on the variations and arrangement. This is a rough iphone demo.
Another up-tempo Celtic tune which did not fit on the Shallow Sea album. The tuning is DAAEAE, and it is covered on my Udemy online course with tablature.
From the Shallow Sea album, the tune Northern Light is a somewhat new-age fingerstyle guitar piece. The tuning is CGCGCD and it’s a fairly playable piece, mostly just picking through chords with a little stretching.
The old favourite tune “The Fisherman”. A DADGAD piece from way back. Recorded live somewhere on tour in Australia.
For fans of great guitars, this is Laurie Williams who made my beautiful Tui guitar featured on the Shallow Sea album. Great interview about making guitars.