In the Duck Shed

My first album, released in 2000. Still a sentimental favourite for many folks. On the new Shallow Sea album I tried to return to some of the free flowing song-writing of this album.

I'm often asked why most tunes from 'In the Duck Shed' are not available in tablature. The reason is that it was my first recording and used a lot of very strange "one-off" tunings. Here is a list of the tunes and their capo-positions for those curious enough to have a crack at them:

Burlington FACGCE 2
Wintergreen DADGAD 2
Smithy's Porridge FA#DFCD 4
Wormwood Scrubs DADGAD 3
Murren DADGAD 2
More Ducks EGDGBD 5
Lonely Train DADF#AD 2
The Lazy Farmer EGDGBD 3
Purple Turtle DADGAD 2
Lakes Entrance DADF#AD 3
Chalk Farm DADGAD 3
The Windemere Days FACGCE 2
House of Stairs FA#DFCD# 5
The Bath People DADGAD 3
In the Duck Shed EGDGBD 2