Shallow Sea

The new album, finally!

Times have changed since the last one, and thanks to generous KickStarter contributors I was able to produce an album worth the wait. With the help of co-producer Pat Glover at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock BC, we put together something I'm very proud of.

Unlike the other albums, this one was recorded over the space of 2 full weeks at Blue Frog. The preparation leading up to this was very challenging, as there isn't time to do many re-records if tunes are not working. With the recording done and my hands aching, we worked through the editing phase and I returned home to Vancouver to work on some keyboard parts. I agonized over every note for another month, each day returning back to GarageBand to remove most of the previous day's work, and refine it down to the bare minimum. I greatly enjoyed this process however, and look forward to doing more of this type of thing.

The album features the lovely Tui guitar made by Laurie Williams from New Zealand. It has a distinctly different tone to my previous albums, richer, darker and brighter all at the same time. It's a unique instrument that he makes, with the native New Zealand kauri woods bringing something special as you can hear.

The gorgeous fiddle playing was supplied by Kierah Raymond. It was my good fortune to find Kierah, living in running distance to the studio of all places. Fabulous player, imaginative, creative and technically brilliant!