Night Fishing

The second album, released in 2003. Since the last album I had started hearing Celtic guitar players and realized that was the rhythmic and traditional grounding I felt I needed. Out popped the big hit single "The Fisherman" and a last minute lullaby "Night Fishing". It was just one of those times where tunes were appearing out of nowhere.

I recorded half of the album but found something wasn't working. Luckily the guy engineering the album in his studio also happens to be a great musician and he took a producer role from there on. The basic problem was the timing of the sections wasn't making sense. Back to the drawing board I went with a metronome and re-crafted several tunes. Also to my surprise, tunes like "The Fisherman" started to sound better after practicing with a metronome.

We started again pretty much, and it all came together. With some help from violin player Paul Wright and a djembe player Iain Robbie, we put together the most produced of the first 3 albums.